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Grand Master Liu Jing Rou's Birthday Party

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017Grand Master Liu Jing Rou's birthday just happened to coincide with one of the seminar days in Greece. However, as he was teaching on a six hour daily basis, there was no celebration on that day. The instructors and students of "Tang's Chinese Kung Fu Association" (T.C.K.F.A.), however, did not forget to honour the Grand Master.
So, on the 2nd April, a big birthday party was organised on his behalf at the Golden Phoenix Chinese restaurant, at Elliniko. About 200 people celebrated Grand Master Liu Jing Rou's birthday and wished him many more, something which is almost certain, seeing as at the age of 70, he has the appearance of a 40 year old and the physical ability of a 20 year old athlete.


018The festivity included drinks, music and dancing and of course plenty of excellent Chinese food, prepared by the expert chefs of the restaurant. All the teachers and instructors of the T.C.K.F.A. attended, as did many of the students and supporters of Kung Fu.
Among the guests, was the publisher of the magazines "The Path to Martial Arts" and "Asian Martial Arts", Mr. Dionisis Tsetselis, with his wife and daughter, the Greek Wu Shu Federation representatives, as well as instructors of other martial arts systems.
The evening went very well and the conversation revolved mainly around none other than Kung Fu and its teachings, of which Grand Master Liu Jing Rou is one of the most renowned representatives worldwide.

019Grand Master Liu Jing Rou and assistant Master Hung Sheng, left our country on April 5th, leaving behind a new generation of instructors and students of Kung Fu as well as an older generation of already established teachers and instructors of the art, who had the opportunity of getting to know these great Masters first-hand, and the luck of being taught and trained by them.
Both generations hope to have them back again, in the near future.

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