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Kung-Fu Instructor Exams

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The Voula Kung Fu Association "Triple Harmony" chose Grand Masters Liu Jing Rou (8 Duan), Hung Sheng (6 Duan) and Tang Tung Wing (6 Duan), to give the Kung Fu instructors intensive courses as well as to hold examinations for the instructor diploma in Cheng Pa Kua Chang, Liu He Tang Lang Chuan and Xsing Yi Chuan Kung Fu.

The instructors of the Voula Association, Giannoulis Anthony and Dimas Takis, Vari Association, Panagopoulos Kiriakos and Piraeus Association, Stofylas Stavros, gave examinations for the second time, gaining new levels in the different Kung Fu systems.



The instructor examinations were held on Saturday, 1st April, in which practitioners from four different traditional Kung Fu Associations of the "Tang's Chinese Kung Fu Association" (T.C.K.F.A.), took part. The panel of examiners consisted of Grand Masters Liu Jing Rou, Hung Sheng and Tang Tung Wing. The new instructors of T.C.K.F.A., are as follows:

  • Voula Association:
    Giannoulis Anthony, Dimas Takis, Karantinou Tiziana, Giannakakos Nikolaos, Vourlioti Vanessa, Karantinos Patrick.
  • Vari Association:
    Panagopoulos Kiriakos, Kaikas Ilias, Zagoras Nikitas, Sideris Fotis, Vachos Xenofon, Giakalou Tanya.
  • Ilissia Association:
    Zografakis Dimitris, Aliprantis Nikos, Iliopoulos Neoklis, Kastos Nikolaos, Papadopoulos Kostas, Bitsikokou Julie, Tsonos Ilias, Milios Vassilis.
  • Piraeus Association:
    Stofylas Stavros.

The level of technical skill of the candidates was described by Grand Master Liu Jing Rou as rather good, bearing in mind that the above Kung Fu systems had been taught at "Tang's Chinese Kung Fu Association", for only four years.

The fact that Greece is the only country in the world - apart from China - in which Grand Master Liu Jing Rou has certified instructors in the Kung Fu systems that he, himself represents, is particularly impressive. This is yet, another unique achievement for "Tang's Chinese Kung Fu Association" in Greece.


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