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Pan-Helleniche distinctions in the 7th Wu Su Kung Fu Championship

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On the 5th and 6th of May 2007 the 8th Pan-Hellenic Wu Su Kung Fu Championship was held with success in the Peristeri "Andreas Papandreou" Municipal Gym. Schools from all over Greece took part in the championship, from both traditional and modern Chinese Kung Fu styles. The fights were focused on the implementation of forms (Taolu), that revealed the abilities of the competitors in the fighting techniques with or without weapons. The basic criteria for scoring were the fighting spirit, the technique, natural conditioning and speed, but also the harmony in the movement and the choreography.

From the 'Development of Chinese Kung Fu of Saronikou Coast Association' that resides in the Vakhou Street in Vari, with teacher Sifu Kyriakos Panagopoulos, student of Master Tang Tung Wing, four athletes took part, achieving two gold and two silver medals. The distinguished athletes are: Leonidas Panagopoulos (gold), Evgenia Panagopoulos (silver), Angelica Paspaliari (gold) and Xenophon Vahos (silver), who showed their skills in the art of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is an art that through the disciplined exercise of body and mind, offers longevity and well-being in the person, and constitutes one of the better forms of escape from the bodily and intellectual stresses of modern life. The association of Vari keeps the level of learning at very high levels and constitutes an oasis of positive energy in the negativity of everyday routine. It therefore invites everyone, big or small, to come, see and be initiated in the wise harmonious world of Chinese Kung Fu, exercising discipline on the road to a long and healthy life.

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